Preferred Drug List

MO HealthNet

Our Commitment

Gainwell Technologies provides the Preferred Drug List (PDL) and Preferred Diabetic Supply Program (PDSP) services for the State of Missouri, MO HealthNet Division. Through the evaluation of clinical research, market trends and pipeline reviews, financial monitoring, and analyses, we provide evidence-based clinically and fiscally advantageous recommendations to the state of Missouri.

Our clinical and contract negotiations team provides support for the quarterly Drug Prior Authorization Committee (DPAC) and Drug Utilization Review (DUR) Board Committee meetings. Comprehensive evaluations of new clinical products, pricing, and legislative changes and initiatives are completed on a consistent basis to stay up-to-date, and ahead of industry changes. We are prepared to field questions, deliver presentations, perform financial analyses, trend reporting and negotiate rebates on your behalf.

We value the transparent and efficient flow of communication between all entities involved in the decision-making process for the State of Missouri, MO HealthNet PDL and PDSP. Our commitment is to the State of Missouri and bringing forth quality services and care to the over 1 million Missouri Medicaid participants.

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